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Studio location: Beckenham, Kent, UK

My photography

I am a London-based photographer who specialises in black-and-white portraiture. I aim to help businesses, organisations, and individuals meet their goals by creating imagery that sets them apart from their competitors. 

My portraits appear in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery, and I have exhibited them in New York, Washington D.C, and London. My broader interests include documentary, event, and landscape photography. I happily work in colour. 

The importance of portraiture in your business

Portraiture plays a vital role in your business as it may well be the first impression you make on a client. In an instant, your potential client will form a subconscious judgement about you or your company based on facial expression, body language, dress, and image quality. 

As most of our communication is non-verbal and the average website visit lasts under fifteen-seconds, your first impression must be engaging, professional, and someone they’d want to meet and trust. They must immediately feel they have found the professional they are seeking.

Meeting your needs

I concentrate on serving clients who value a long-term working relationship with a discerning photographer who has their personal and organisation’s best interests at heart. 

My promise is that by working together, I will help you create your best possible first impression for your organisation, and the process will always be positive.

My Approach to Photography

My reputation for understanding, connecting with, and evoking non-verbal communication in my subjects stems from the diversity of my experience.

I work comfortably with diverse clients, from business leaders, world-class dancers, and actors to survivors of sexual abuse and clinicians in a Covid-19 centre. From boardrooms to the Ugandan slums of Kajjansi, I seek to bring the best out of everyone—to connect with their humanity and let their portrait speak for itself. Throughout, trust, reliability, and long-term support always underpin my approach.

Please drop me a line to request my portrait brochure with further details.

I look forward to working with you.